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Vinny Pelino
Executive Chef

Vinny is a Columbus native who grew up with strong ties to the local Italian American community. He studied architecture but ultimately found food service to be his passion. Together with Christina, they designed every aspect of the remodel for 245 King Ave. Vinny has spent over 15 years in the restaurant industry. He trained with Christina in multiple regions of Italy, learning to make pasta and local authentic cuisine.
His passion is creating experience and memories through food.

Christina Pelino
Head Pastry Chef

Christina grew up in Wisconsin and completed her undergrad at The University of Dayton. She began her passion for fine baking during an exchange program in France. As mentioned, she traveled with Vinny through Italy learning and honing their crafts. She strives to create desserts that wow your eyes and your palette. 


Our Team

We are looking to expand our team of experienced restaurant professionals. We are currently interviewing for multiple positions and would love to have you join the Pelino's team. We look forward to speaking with you!
Please apply below or send an email with your resume to

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