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Pelino’s Pasta is an intimate restaurant built from our mission to share authentic Italian culinary traditions in a warm, familial environment. Just as my husband and I married our respective talents for pasta and dessert creation, we have assembled a staff that prepares and serves exactingly plated dishes while exuding genuine, open hospitality.  Everyone who walks through our doors will share in the love and laughter of the Pelino family table, while enjoying the finest of Italian food and wine.


A day at Pelino’s begins with dough being kneaded and rested for daily-made focaccia. The whirring extruder transforms Italian semola flour into pasta through bronze die for several hours as imported oils, produce, and cured proteins are transformed into sauces and fillings. The process evolves constantly because our multicourse menu changes each month, but always utilizes products of local, organic farmers and esteemed Italian artisans. In just 28 months, we have served over 320 different dishes.


As guests arrive for dinner at Pelino’s Pasta, each receives an education: our servers guide them through the entire menu, crafting not just expectations but the food’s cultural origin story. Our sommelier pairs spritzes and wines – expressing the Italian view of wine as “condiment” to great food - that we have selected on our travels in Italy. Having met every producer of our 90 wines, selected in partnership with our importer, we love the families and artisans that craft them. Every server knows and shares the stories of our wines.


Each dinner finishes with a beautiful dessert, constructed entirely of scratch components. We want to bring respect back to the sweeter things in life. We believe that food should be accessible to all, so we create a diverse menu that allows us to accommodate every possible food allergy, preference and dietary restriction.

Vinny & Christina

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